Project Semper Fi

Heroes Way board members volunteered time Saturday and Sunday this weekend to help a local soldier in need.  Project Semper Fi is about the local community coming together to help the life of a Scott City, MO Marine that has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.  The community has come together in amazing ways to ease the worries of this marine and his family.

See the video produced by Jason Wray to learn more about the story.

Heroes Way board members helped with the home make over taking place over the course of 4 days.  We were moved by this soldier's story so we had to get involved.  In the process, we witnessed God working through all the people involved. 

Today was the final day of the makeover and the reveal took place this evening.  There was a gathering of over 250 people to welcome Matt Johnston and his family.  Will post press releases and additional information as further releases are made available Thank you, Project Semper Fi, for showing us just just how much good there is in the people of this community. 

Heroes Way at Project Semper Fi



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