Heroes Way Program Information



The Heroes Way Interstate Interchange Program passed legislation in 2009, allowing interstate interchanges to be designated for Mis-

souri residents, who were in the armed forces and were killed in action on or after Sept. 11, 2001, in either Afghanistan or Iraq. In 2011, the original law was expanded to include state highway interchanges.

The law tasks the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) with administration of the program. The law, in its entirety, may

be found at: www.house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills111/biltxt/truly/HB0798T.htm.

Application Process

An applicant* must complete a Heroes Way application, describing the interstate interchange or state highway interchange for which

the designation is sought. Documentation regarding the service of the fallen soldier is required to ensure the request meets the require-

ments of the program and MoDOT has accurate information on the soldier's name and rank. Payment for the signs is also required to be submitted with the application and supporting documentation.

Payment for signs will include two signs, installation, sign posts, concrete footings and maintenance for 20 years. Signs are currently

priced at $2,200 (cost includes two signs). Costs are relatively stable, but will be adjusted to account for increases in material and in-

stallation costs. On Jan. 1, 2013, a price increase will take effect. The standard, 6' x 3' signs will cost $2,400 (cost includes two signs). Larger, 8' x 3' signs will be available for a cost of $3,200 (cost includes two signs).

To confirm availability of the desired interchange, applicants are asked to contact MoDOT's Traffic & Highway Safety Division at

(573) 526-0117. MoDOT retains records on all Heroes Way designations and will determine site availability. No interchange shall

receive more than one Heroes Way designation and no more than one designation will be placed for a given fallen soldier. Applications can be accessed from MoDOT's website at: www.modot.mo.gov/services/hwiprogram.htm.

*An applicant includes any individual related by marriage, adoption, or consanguinity (a blood relative) within the second degree (a

grandparent, aunt, uncle, grandchild, etc.) to the member of the United States Armed Forces who was killed in action.

The application must include the name of at least one current member of the House or Senate who will sponsor the interchange des-

ignation. A legislative member must be willing to sponsor the memorial designation. Once the application is received, MoDOT will

submit the Heroes Way Interchange Naming Application(s) to the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight. The Committee will review the application(s) during the current legislative session of each year (January through May). If an application is received after

session, a special meeting is requested by MoDOT. The Committee sets the date for all special meetings and once scheduled, MoDOT

is notified. If not approved, 97 percent of the application fee is returned. After final approval of the application, MoDOT will corre- spond with the family members and will honor their sign location preferences within the limits of the state statute.

Any questions pertaining to the regulations of the program, location of signs, location eligibility or any other aspect of the program

should be directed to MoDOT's Traffic & Highway Safety Division at (573) 526-0117.

Sign Location

Heroes Way sign designations only apply to state maintained highway interchanges.

Once the designated interchange has been determined, sign placement will be determined by MoDOT to ensure signs do not interfere

with the safe operation of the highway system or conflict with other traffic control devices. Two signs will be erected for each Heroes Way designation. The signs will be placed in the area between the mainline highway and the exit ramp of the interchange, viewable by motorists on the mainline. All signs remain the property of MoDOT.

Other Important Information

Heroes Way signs will be installed and maintained for 20 years. At 19 years, the family may submit a renewal and pay a second ap-

plication fee for the subsequent 20 years. If the family does not opt to renew, the designated signs will be removed at 20 years and that location will become available for another Missouri fallen soldier.

All dedication ceremonies will be organized and arranged between MoDOT's District Customer Relations staff and the family. 

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